Easy Ways to Get Involved Now:

action #1

Go to anti-Israel events.

Encourage your community of volunteers to attend anti-Israel events in order to challenge the speaker and the misinformation. Find out more about the speaker before you go. Take flyers with you that are relevant to the points that will be made.

Visit Standwithus.com for some excellent flyers.

action #2

Write a letter to your local paper.

After you attend an anti-Israel event, write a paragraph about how one-sided and out of context the event was, particularly hosted in an academic environment.

For example: The speaker talked about "Israel building of an apartheid wall..." They spoke about Israel's security barrier, but they did not mention the terrorism that was the reason for the fence to begin with, or that there was no fence prior to this level of relentless terrorist activity.

action #3

Host discussions.

Educate the public through books, films and speakers. Need help? Call us. We will send you a film if you need it.

action #4

Learn about your library's acquisition procedures.

Help us place films and other materials in your local libraries. Contact the acquisition or video librarian at your local public or university library. Ask them if they would like to receive free films that promote accuracy and balance regarding the Middle East and Israel. Once you have an affirmative response, please e-mail us at info@librariansforfairness.org with the contact information for the librarian, and we will immediately follow up.