Posted: 9/7/2016 4:15:00 PM
Author: Librarians for Fairness Research Committee, et al.

by Librarians for Fairness Research Committee & BEHIND THE NEWS

We are all for Freedom of Speech, as our regular visitors well-know. But we feel that taxpayer funded institutions, such as public libraries, should exercise more discretion as to whom they give a forum to. Would these libraries also invite a KKK leader to lecture? [Actually, Bollyn does have ties to David Duke]

Christopher Bollyn is, according to the Southern Poverrty Law Center: "a raging anti-Semite," and conspiracy theorist who manages to blame Jews for 9-11, the assassination of President Kennedy, controlling the media, etc. etc. The list below of venues he has been invited to lecture in includes a number of public libraries:

In public libraries, "progressive" churches, Cambridge Massachusetts coffee houses, and Portland Oregon’s Community Colleges, Christopher Bollyn has been showcasing his anti-Semitic publications without question.

Sept 9 at West-Park Presbyterian Church | New York, NY
Call (212) 362–4890 | Email Via Form | Retweet
No Response

Sept 11 at Scholz’s Biergarten | Austin, Texas
Call (512) 474–1958 | Email
No Response, but sponsors have been dropping out of event

Sept 17 at Kedelhallen | Frederiksberg, Denmark
Call +45 50 19 57 57
Email &

Completed Venues Include
Sept 4 at Southeast Regional Library | Garner, North Carolina
Call Wake County Libraries at (919) 662 2250
Email​​ | Retweet

Aug 31 Best Western Greenfield Inn | Allen Park, Michigan
Call (800) 528 1238

Aug 19 Mercury Cafe | Denver, Colorado
Call (303) 294 9258 | Email | Retweet

Aug 14 Emerson Cultural Center | Bozeman, Montana

Aug 12 Livingston Park County Public Library | Livingston, Montana

Jul 30 Temecula Public Library | Temecula, CA

Jul 24 Sawmill Theatre | Payson, AZ

Jul 20 San Francisco Public Library | San Francisco, CA

Jul 19 Salem Public Library | Salem, Oregon

July 16 Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

July 14 La Belle Vie Event Center | Green Acres, Washington

July 11 Shoreline Library | Shoreline, Washington

July 8 Holiday Inn Express Hotel | Janesville, Wisconsin

July 7 E.D. Locke Public Library | McFarland, Wisconsin

Jul 6 Rondo Community Outreach Library | Saint Paul, Minnesota

Jun 30 MidPointe Library | West Chester Township, Ohio

June 24 Andala Coffee House | Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jun 18 Holiday Inn Manchester Airport | Manchester, New Hampshire

Christopher Bollyn was a writer at the American Free Press, a publication designated as hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their positions on white supremacy.

On Bollyn's website, he authors articles charging Jews and secret “Crypto Jews” as secret “cabals” behind everything from organized crime, the Kennedy assassination, and the 9-11 attacks. In fact, the single front page of his website has listed the word Jew 226 times.