Posted: 10/15/2015 1:48:00 AM
Author: Daniel Greenfield
Source: This article originally appeared on the FrontPage Magazine website on Oct. 14, 2015.

Are Muslims trying to murder the indigenous population of the country they colonized supposed to be "diverse"?
by Daniel Greenfield

Diversity is awesome. Especially diverse attempts at killing Jews. Even if they're not really that diverse.

But the New York Times headline is "Palestinian Protests Turn Up Intensity and Draw a Diverse Crowd". The piece is from notorious propagandist Diaa Hadid of Electronic Intifada and is straight up glamorization of Muslim terror attacks on Jews. Hadid caught a lot of flak when she outrageously described the Muslim murder of a Jewish man as an "accident".

The equally infamous headline there was "4 Youths Held in Death of Israeli Man whose Car was Hit by Rocks".

Now Hadid begins by celebrating racist Muslim rock throwing attacks on Jews as "diverse". It's not clear how they are diverse except that women in burkas and a "large numbers of prepubescent boys" also come out for the fun.

Diaa Hadid makes this look cute. Would the New York Times be equally enthusiastic about how adorable involving "large numbers of prepubescent boys" in violent attacks on minorities when the attackers aren't Muslims?

"But another youngster ignored the elder trying to hold him back, speeding off with a rock in his chubby hand."

Isn't that just adorable? Trying to murder Jews is just so cute.

Hadid also describes how "a series of Palestinians, apparently acting on their own, have attacked Israelis, mostly with knives, over the past week".

Apparently acting on their own, in response to calls from Hamas and the PLO. Hamas even has a "How to Stab Jews" video. But that's just how "diversity" works at the New York Times now.

Hadid glamorizes "unruly protests" in support of "martyrs", including one who tried to murder a woman and her 2-year-old son. (Diaa Hadid predictably leaves that part out.)

Instead she fills her story with quotes like this

“I am here to march in a hero’s wedding,” said Yousef Sarhan, 38, who had come from Jerusalem. “This young man has raised the heads of every Palestinian alive. His courageous attack has shown the whole world that the Palestinians will keep resisting, despite the martyrs who continue to drop.”

What's the difference between the New York Times and Hamas TV again?

Meanwhile I'm not seeing the diversity here. Are Muslims trying to murder the indigenous population of the country they colonized supposed to be "diverse"?