Palestinian Rocket Hits Israeli School

Posted: 7/29/2006 11:42:00 PM
Author: Israel Insider staff and partners

Palestinian rocket hits Israeli school
by Israel Insider staff and partners May 21, 2006

A Palestinian rocket hit on Sunday a school in the southern Israeli town of Sderot, hitting an empty classroom but causing no injuries, the army said.

School had just begun but children were holding morning prayers in a separate room when the rocket came through the roof of the classroom, school officials told Army Radio.

The classroom and the nearby restrooms sustained heavy damage.
Palestinian terrorists fired a total of five rockets early Sunday toward Israel, the army said. One of the rockets landed in a Palestinian area, the army said.

"It landed in one of the classrooms, but all of the students were still at prayers, and the classrooms were still locked," said witness Shay Yisrael. "It was a great miracle, there was tremendous emotion."

Hours earlier, two other rockets struck outside Sderot, the Israel Defense Forces said. Two women were treated for shock.

The army responded with artillery fire toward launching areas in the northern Gaza Strip, the army and witnesses said.

Palestinian medics said that one Palestinian was moderately injured from the artillery. The army said troops were not firing at the time the man was hit.

Palestinian terrorists frequently fire rockets toward Israel but they rarely cause casualties. Israel has in recent months increased artillery fire in response to the rocket launchings.

AP contributed to this report.