Tenth Response Directed to Librarians and Archivists to Palestine.

Posted: 7/18/2013 10:01:00 PM
Author: LfF Resesarch Committee

Octopi often represent Jews in raw, classical anti-Semitic "art." Hitler's pal, Julius Streicher, hanged as a war criminal at Nuremberg, made wide use of them in his Dur Sturmer publication. White supremacist groups such as: the Klan, Nazis of all stripes, radical Islamists, and even extremist leftist organizations, have all utilized the anti-Semitic octopi.

We note that during your trip, anarchist/archivist, Josh MacPhee, whom we have already shown has had at least one indirect business dealing with an Aryan-white power organization, took three octopi photos, which you posted to Flickr. This was done without comment or criticsm. One shows a Jewish octopus, with its tentacles enveloping the world (a favorite of Streicher's). A second shows a Jewish octopus emerging from a Star of David. A third, somewhat less offensive Jewish octopus, has the tentacles slithering through a hole in a wall or fence. Two of these closeup shots were from Arabic book covers. Did even one person in your delegation protest against the blatant Jew-hatred so prevalent in books in PA libraries?

We feel the three octopi may have a boomerang effect and make many decent people hostile to you. But don't bother deleting them, at this point. Many good and unbigoted people have seen them and some have managed to save the images on their computers, for possible future use.