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American Children can now take a virtual tour of Israel with Srulik, a popular sandal-footed Israeli cartoon character. This fun and interactive tour will make Israel come alive as students experience the story of Israel that rarely gets told. Children and educators alike can learn about Israel’s cool Internet technologies (i.e. AOL instant messaging), watermelon picking robots, live-saving cancer drugs, and other joint U.S.-Israeli projects and become better informed about Israel’s unique history, national languages, climate, food, branches of government, and currency.

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Israel in the World

This colorful volume takes an in-depth look at a remarkable achievement: how one small and very young country has successfully become one of the world's technological leaders.

From agriculture to medicine, Israel stands right at the forefront of technological development. Learn about the country's many achievements and breakthoughs, and how it's poised to remain on the industrial cutting edge in the foreseeable future. The countless accomplishments outlined here would be dazzling, even if they hadn't emerged from a nation that didn't even exist 60 years ago: Israel created the ICQ chat facility that is now used by hundreds of millions of internet surfers each day; the technology that allows you to leave voicemail messages on a mobile phone; the medical diagnostic equipment (including magnetic resonance imaging) found in most hospitals; and the surveillance equipment that alerts security officials to suspicious activities at airports. Find out about the people who made such progress possible; the educational system that allowed these citizens, many of them recent immigrants, to reach their full potential; and how Israel uses its knowledge for the well-being of the world.

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In the News

Op-Ed: Rocks thrown at Jews are "non violent." 6/22/2016

Rocks thrown at Jews are "non violent."
by Stephen M. Flatow

The writer, a New Jersey attorney, is the father of Alisa Flatow, who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in 1995.

When is the throwing of boulders "non-violent"?

When a Palestinian throws them, of course. Just ask Thomas Friedman of the New York Times.

The Palestinian attackers first spilled oil across the highway, hoping to cause cars to slide and crash.
A few years ago, Friedman included rock-throwing in his list of types of "non-violent resistance" that he hopes Palestinians will carry out... Read the full story...


NOTE FROM LIBRARIANS FOR FAIRNESS In view of the fact that the American Library Association is planning to have yet another Israel-bashing session at its June Convention, we feel it's important to repost, withadditional data, a report we did in the past:


1. March 7, 2002- A Palestinian terrorist used grenades and an assault rifle to murder five Israeli high school students who were in a yeshivah's study hall-library in the community of Azmona.

2... Read the full story...

The 'new normal'? 6/20/2016

The 'new normal'?‎
by Judith Bergman

In Michel Houellebecq's dystopian novel, "Submission" (2015), which takes place in an imaginary France ‎in 2022, when the Muslim Brotherhood has won elections and rules the country in alliance with the Socialists, the non-Jewish protagonist, a professor at the Sorbonne, tells his Jewish student, who is escaping to Israel with her family, that there ‎can be "no Israel for me." This is one of the most poignant observations in the book.‎

Another is the protagonist's reflection that the increasing violence, even the gunshots in the streets of Paris as a ‎civil war threatens to explode during the run-up to the elections, has become the ‎new normal: something that everyone is resigned to as an inevitable fact, barely reported in the ‎media and treated as unremarkable by his fellow lecturers... Read the full story...

Incitement Rife in Palestinian Textbooks 6/3/2016

Incitement Rife in Palestinian Textbooks
by Ynet News Staf

In almost every study conducted by researchers looking into incitement in Palestinian textbooks, materials have been found which breach the Palestinian Authority's pledges to halt anti-Israel incitement in schools.

Researchers have been surveying Palestinian school textbooks frequently over the past few decades to see if they have inciting material, such as the non-recognition of Israel as a sovereign state or the glorification of terror attacks and terrorists.

The schools researched in the various surveys are all public schools under the control of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

Israelis are pulling up trees from Palestinian land... Read the full story...

BDS: Squeezing Palestinians to Hurt Israel 5/8/2016

BDS: Squeezing Palestinians to Hurt Israel
by Asaf Romirowsky and Nicole Brackman
The Jerusalem Post
May 8, 2016

The October 2015 closure of SodaStream's factory in Mishor Adumim put 500 Palestinians out of work.
At the core of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) is economic warfare meant to delegitimize and marginalize Israel... Read the full story...

PA's billion dollar terror funding scam revealed 4/27/2016

PA's billion dollar terror funding scam revealed

Western governments continue mass aid for PA after it promised to stop paying jailed terrorists' salaries, but new report exposes the lie.
by Ari Yashar

A shocking report on Wednesday reveals that the Palestinian Authority (PA) has fooled Western governments, raking in over a billion dollars in aid from them annually despite breaching their demands that it stop paying salaries to terrorist prisoners.

The report by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which can be read in full here, exposes how the PA has coped since August 2014, when - in the face of demands by the US and European donor countries that it stop paying salaries to jailed terrorists - it announced it would stop the terror funding.

At the time, the PA claimed that it would not pay the jailed terrorists their salaries and instead the payment would be made by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the body behind the PA that had its terror status removed in the 1994 Oslo Accords when the PA was created.

PMW back in 2014 warned that the PA's announcement was a "ploy" meant to keep the aid keep pumping in to the tune of a billion dollars a year... Read the full story...

Palestinians Erasing Christian History 4/12/2016

Palestinians: Erasing Christian History
by Khaled Abu Toameh

For Palestinian Christians, the destruction of the ancient Byzantine church ruins is yet a further attempt by Palestinian Muslim leaders to efface both Christian history and signs of any Christian presence in the West Bank and Gaza, under the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas... Read the full story...

Op-Ed: The Lie of Academic Free Speech 3/29/2016

Op-Ed: The lie of academic free speech
by Dr. Richard L. Cravatts

In the Israeli/Palestinian debate, campus bullies attempt to suppress opposing views by exploiting the concept of academic freedom.

Dr. Richard L. Cravatts
The writer is the president of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.

When GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s March 11th rally at the University of Chicago Pavilion was shut down last week by hundreds of leftist protestors, comprised of activists from, Black Lives Matter, Muslim groups, and even unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, the morally indignant protestors had one purpose: to disrupt the event, prevent Trump supporters from hearing the candidate’s speech, and, most importantly, suppress Trump’s ideas and beliefs.

Having already decided the Mr... Read the full story...